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How to Survive the Heat with These Cooling and Refreshing Drinks


Come July and the sizzling hot season is back! If you are thinking about how to survive the heat, don’t worry. We know what kind of cooling and refreshing drinks that will guarantee to cool down your body. So let’s find out what drinks are in store for you!

1. Coconut Banana Smoothie

How to survive the heat with these cooling and refreshing drinks – Panasonic Cooking

Take this opportunity to drink this coconut banana smoothie while you chill and relax. Coconuts that are freshly plucked from the beach is much sweeter. Coconut is a good source of calcium that is beneficial for your bone health. Also, bananas contain natural sugars that give you a healthy energy boost without fats.

This smoothie is made of 1 fresh coconut, a pinch of sea salt, 2 bananas, 6 ice cubes and 125 ml of almond milk that serves to fill your stomach naturally. Instead of normal milk, almond milk is another substitute which is lactose-free, so anyone who is lactose intolerant can drink milk. It is relatively simple to make this smoothie. The Blender has Ultimate Powerblade which crushes ice cubes and fruits easily. This blends the smoothie properly as well. So, grab a cup of coconut banana smoothie now!

2. Watermelon Strawberry Juice

How to survive the heat with these cooling and refreshing drinks – Panasonic Cooking

Quench your thirst with a glass of watermelon strawberry juice now. This tasty watermelon has vitamins A and B that are essential for your skin and hair health. Strawberry contains iodine which is beneficial for your brain function as well. 

To make this refreshing juice, you only need a cup of diced watermelon, a small cup of strawberries, 8 ice cubes and 3 mint leaves. Use the Juicer to juice it as its filter mesh helps separates the juice from pulp so the juice will have a smooth texture. After juicing it, add 3 mint leaves that will increase the cooling effect of the watermelon strawberry juice during this hot season. The ideal fruit juice to drink while you are at a holiday getaway!

3. Orange Celery Juice

How to survive the heat with these cooling and refreshing drinks – Panasonic Cooking

This combination of fruit and vegetable juice is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. However, it is an ideal cooling and refreshing fruit juice to drink when you are doing outdoor exercises in this hot season. Celery improves your digestive system as it contains a large amount of fiber. Also, orange contains potassium that is beneficial for your nervous system. 

To make this amazing orange celery juice, you only require 3 ingredients: 1 orange, 3 stalks of celery and 1 lemon. Placing lemon into the mix adds a zesty flavor into the juice. With Slow Juicer, the low-speed rotation of the juicer is used to preserve the fruits’ nutrients, so this orange celery juice is full of nutrients and vitamins. Live a healthy life by drinking a cup of orange celery juice.

4. Banana Slushie

How to survive the heat with these cooling and refreshing drinks – Panasonic Cooking

Slushie is an all-time favourite drink among young and old people. It is a frozen, non-carbonated drink made of blended ice. Slushie is easy-to-make using Blender which guarantees to have fine cuts on your ice cubes. 2 cups of chopped bananas, 1 tbsp natural honey and 10 ice cubes are all that you need to blend a perfect cup of banana slushie in 1 minute. On a positive note, banana contains antioxidants that are suitable for your cardiovascular health. Instead of sugar, natural honey is added into the blender. Just slurp a cup of banana slushie when you have the chance to do so!


Credits to Panasonic Malaysia