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Brand Daikin
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  • Cutting Edge Inverter Technology
  • Ultra Fast Cooling
  • Innovaire Technology
  • Cold Start
  • 1.5HP
  • R32
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty by Daikin Malaysia
  • 2 Years General Warranty by Daikin Malaysia
  • Price & Stock is subject to change without prior notice.

Cutting Edge Inverter Technology

With Innovaire technology, outdoor and indoor units keep noise levels to a minimum for a gentle and unobtrusive operation.

Ultra Fast Cooling

An intelligent feature that ensures optimum energy consumption while fulfilling basic human comfort needs.Once activated, set temperature will be adjusted automatically to an eco-friendly level.

Next-Generation Refrigerant

This game-changing refrigerant strikes the perfect balance between energy efficiency, ease of use, and environmental sustainability; offering distinct advantages across the board compared to the commonly used R410A and R22 refrigerants.


Innovaire Technology

Innovaire Technology

Daikin’s next generation inverter technology utilises swing compressors and reluctance DC motors to optimise durability, performance and efficiency for superior comfort and better energy savings.



Cold Start

Cold Start

This feature accelerates the cooling process by reducing the time taken for the compressor to warm up, so you can enjoy faster cooling without relying on powerful mode.




Powerful Mode

Once activated, this feature will engage the indoor fan motor to run at maximum speed for 20 minutes. The turbo airflow enables the desired temperature to be achieved faster, especially in larger spaces.



auto restart

Auto-Restart with Surge Protection

If there is a sudden power failure, the unit will automatically restart with 64 different recovery patterns according to its last settings. This also prevents a sudden surge of electricity to your power source.



Sleep mode

Sleep Mode

Unwind at the end of the day with Sleep Mode, which gradually increases set temperature according to regular sleeping temperature patterns for an effortlessly personalised sleeping environment.



quite operation

Quiet Mode

With Innovaire technology, outdoor and indoor units keep noise levels to a minimum for a gentle and unobtrusive operation.

What's in the box
Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/h) (Min-Max)

12,100 (4,400 – 13,000)

Sound Pressure Level - Indoor (dBA)


Dimension - Indoor (H x W x D) (mm)

288 x 859 x 209

Dimension - Outdoor (H x W x D) (mm)

550 x 658 x 273

Unit weight - Indoor (kg)


Unit weight - Outdoor (kg)


Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm)


Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm)