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  • Auto louver up & down 180°
  • High – density Plasmacluster Ions (PCI) remove airborne mold and viruses.
  • Three-step dust collection system with Plasmacluster technology for everyday use.
  • Water tank capacity : 3L
  • 1 Year Warranty by Sharp Malaysia
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Plasmacluster Technology
Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Generating Unit generates and emits the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature, inactivating suspended airborne mold and virus.

Hepa Filter
With Hepa filter, the filter can collect tiny dust, PM2.5, allergens, cigarette particles and pollen as small as 0.3μm, 99.97% dust collection rate.

Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter
Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter has powerful deodorizing ability which remove various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke, garbage odor and pet odor.

Auto Dehumidifying
Equipped with sensors which can detect temperature and humidity automatically, the dehumidifier maintains the humidity level at around 55%-60%, providing comfortable living environment.

Laundry Deodorizing
By emitting a concentrated stream of high-density Plasmacluster Ions (HD PCI), the dehumidifier can intensively remove odor on clothing.

Laundry Dehumidifying
It is difficult for laundry drying in humid weather. Pointing the air outlet to the laundry, the dehumidifier allows vapid drying.

Mold Proof and Virus Inactivated
Dehumidifying and releasing high density Plasmacluster Ions (HD PCI) can effectively inactivate airborne mold and virus, and suppress the growth of adhered mold.

180˚ Airflow Movement
The horizontal airflow range is around 100˚ and the vertical airflow range is around 180˚, which provides widely dehumidifying and deodorizing function, bringing fresh air throughout the room.

What's in the box
Specification (-)
Color White
Humidifying - Humidifying System -
Humidifying - Tank Capacity 3L (dehumidifying)
Humidifying - Humidifying Capacity -
Recommended area - Air Purifying 24m²
Recommended area - Humidifying 38m² (dehumidifying)
Recommended area for high-density Plasmacluster ions -
Operation Modes Auto / Low / Med / High
Voltage/frequency (V, Hz) 220 - 240 / 50
Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) - Without Humidifying 23 / 14 / 3.5 - 7.5
Power input (W) (Max/Med/Low) - With Humidifying -
Standby Power (W) 1.0
Inverter Operation Yes
Airflow (Max/Med/Low) (m³/hour) - Without Humidifying 240 / 105 / 75
Airflow (Max/Med/Low) (m³/hour) - With Humidifying -
Noise Level (Max/Med/Low) (dB) - Without Humidifying 53 / 35 / 27
Noise Level (Max/Med/Low) (dB) - With Humidifying -
Special program mode Deodorizer / Dehumidifying / Laundry
Auto Restart -
Child Lock Yes
Timer Off ( 2 / 4 / 6 )
Filter Type - Dust Collection HEPA
Filter Type - Deodorization Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter
Filter Type - Pre-filter Yes
Filter Type - Humidifying -
Filter Life - Dust Collection Up to 5 years
Filter Life - Deodorization Up to 5 years
Filter Life - Humidifying -
Sensor - Odor Yes
Sensor - Dust -
Sensor - Temperature & Humidity -
Sensor - Light -
Sensor - Motion -
Clean sign indicator -
Mosquito trap function -
Light Control Button -
Dimension (WxHxD) mm 360 x 556 x 260
Net Weight (kg) 12.2
Replacement filter - HEPA filter FZ-E16AHF
Replacement filter - Deodorizing Filter FZ-E16ADF
Replacement filter - Humidifying Filter -
Replacement filter - Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter -
Replacement glue sheet -
Replacement Unit -
Plasmacluster ion purification - Airborne microbes Airborne mold, Airborne microbes, Airborne viruses, Dust mite remain allergens, Dust mite faces allergens, Ammona odor
Plasmacluster ion purification - Clinging odors Cigarette odor, Body odor
Filter purification - Capture & reduction of growth Airborne microbes, Viruses, Tree pollen, Dust mite remains, Dust mite faces
Filter purification - Deodorizing Cigarette odor, Pet odor, Body odor, Mold odor, Ammonia odor, Cooking odor, Kitchen garbage odor, Toilet odor, VOC/Nox/Sox, Haze
Filter purification - Capture Airborne mold, Plant pollen, Tree pollen, Pet dander, Pet hair, Dust, Cigarette smoke, Mite dust, Diesel exhaust